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10 things you should know about Osteoarthritis

Back to basics! Don’t know if you have osteoarthritis? Is it just knee pain? Do you have any risk factors? Read an overview of osteoarthritis from here.

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Hand Yoga Can Help Arthritic Fingers

Yoga for your hands? It helps overall body flexibility, stability and strength but it might also help arthritis pain in the hands as well. The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York has a class that teaches yoga for the hands and can be especially beneficial for those with stiff...

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6 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

Exercise is integral to maintaining joint health. Do you have time in your busy schedule for 6 easy exercises to reduce knee pain? Stair step ups, Up and Downs, Leg Flexes, Knee Rolls and Hip Extensions. Read about how to do these exercises that can help reduce the knee pain...

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Soda May Worsen Knee Osteoarthritis in Men

Soda may worsen knee Osteoarthritis in Men. A study out of Harvard Medical School found that “the more sugary soda men drink, the greater the risk that knee osteoarthritis will get worse.” The same was not true for females. And, while sugary soft drinks can contribute to weight gain and...

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