New Bionicare Brace Fights Knee Pain

New Bionicare Brace Fights Knee Pain

By Lilia Chacon, FOX Chicago News

Chicago – There are nearly 80-million baby boomers in the U.S., and that means 160-million knees that have been taking a pounding for close to 50 years.

Up until now, aging athletes had few options to deal with their achy breaky knees: drugs, cortisone injections, surgery, and knee replacements.

Now there’s a new way to deal with knee pain: the bionicare brace. The brace not only relieves pressure on the joint, it uses electric stimulation to generate healing.

“You notice an improvement in terms of function, that is the knee becomes less inflamed it doesn’t hurt as much,” said orthopedic surgeon Timothy Payne.

Toni Simulis knows first-hand what it’s like. By the time she visited Dr. Payne, her knee hurt so bad she couldn’t walk.

Simulis has been wearing the BioniCare brace for nearly three months. She takes it off at night, but she says the difference is night and day.

“About three or four days after putting it on, I noticed I could at least get up from the chair and walk to the bathroom,” she said.

Now she says she can tackle daily activities, and keep up with her son.

The BioniCare brace doesn’t eliminate the need for a knee replacement, but it can buy time, especially for younger patients who want to wait as long as possible before undergoing surgery.