Deferral of total knee replacement

In addition to the reduction of pain and associated symptoms, clinical studies have demonstrated that use of BioniCare helps to avoid total knee replacement. In a four year clinical study led by two orthopedic surgeons from Johns Hopkins University, 103 patients were recruited with severe osteoarthritis that had been recommended for a total knee arthroplasty by one or more orthopedic surgeons. The results of these 103 patients were measured against 42 patients in a control group. At the end of four years, 62% of the BioniCare patients treated avoided a total knee replacement, whereas 7% of patients in the control group did not have a total knee replacement. No serious side effects were reported when using the BioniCare Knee Device. Data is available beyond four years as the study protocol was limited to that time frame.

Long term, BioniCare-treated patients have significantly fewer total knee replacement surgeries