A Patient’s Perspective

An avid skier, volleyball and softball player, Toni began experiencing knee problems at 25, after an injury sidelined her. As the pain intensified, Toni began to assess all of her treatment options. Due to her young age, Toni was told by her doctor that she was not a candidate for total knee replacement surgery. Toni was prescribed cortisone shot treatment therapy; however, the shot treatment offered only temporary relief.

Only six months later, Toni once again began experiencing unbearable pain in her knee. Toni’s orthopedic physician suggested that a complete cleaning of the knee was her next step. Once inside her knee, doctors found an excessive amount of arthritis. Still not a candidate for total knee replacement surgery, Toni opted to undergo another round of cortisone shot treatment therapy to alleviate some of the pain. Three months later, the pain returned.

Disappointed and unable to walk, Toni scheduled an appointment with Dr. Timothy Payne. She explained, “Walking from my bedroom chair to the bathroom was a chore and excruciating. I was in so much pain.”

Dr. Payne prescribed the OActive knee brace and BioniCare System. “Immediately after putting the brace on I felt an improvement in my right knee”. Within the first couple days of using the OActive knee brace and BioniCare System, the pain in Toni’s knee had lessened. Toni soon began taking short walks around her home, to her car, and eventually, around her neighborhood. “All I remember saying when I had the brace on was ‘wow, big difference’.”

Today, Toni is able to walk comfortably and without pain, participating in activities that she was unable to do before she began using the OActive knee brace and BioniCare System. “My friends knee what my life was like before I started this treatment plan. They are shocked at how much of an improvement I have made.”