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, Running could protect against arthritic knees

Running could protect against arthritic knees

Does running wear your knees down or protect them against arthritis? If you said, protect, you’d be correct. Runners are approximately half as likely as walkers to develop osteoarthritis or need a hip replacement. It is likely that the joint responds to the stress of running, adapts and gets stronger,...

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, Dr. Kricsfeld in a Q&A about BioniCare

Dr. Kricsfeld in a Q&A about BioniCare

What does your typical patient look like? My typical knee patient is usually middle aged or older and a little to a lot overweight. Before BioniCare, what was your typical treatment protocol for knee OA? I used NSAIDS and knee injections. I also used physical therapy. When those options were exhausted, I referred my patients to the orthopedic surgeon for a knee replacement.

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Understanding Osteoarthritis treatment options:

Healthy, functioning joints are frequently taken for granted. Every year in the United States, runners train for marathons, overworked executives hit the gym, thousands brave the winter weather to hit the slopes, and families hop on their bikes for a ride around the neighborhood. However, if you are one of...

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, BioniCare informational article

BioniCare informational article

The Center for Disease Control reports that an estimated 46 million adults in the United States have some form of arthritis. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis of the knee, which affects more than 27 million Americans nationwide and will affect nearly half the American population during their lifetime.

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints. For osteoarthritis of the knee, inflammation, severe knee pain and loss of movement occur as the joint breaks down and the bones rub together. Specific lifestyle factors can contribute to developing osteoarthritis of the knee. This includes obesity and past knee injuries, which can both increase a person’s development risk by approximately...

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